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Add team names on the Designer Tool.

"Team name" allows for the automatic formatting of text in the form of a small name and large number beneath, decorated onto the product. 

This is useful for teams and other groups who would like a jersey-style name and number on their product.

You cannot add team names using the Embroidery or the Screen Printing decoration process.
  • Click on the Add Team name button in the Designer Toolbar.
  • You will be presented with a modal/popup to enter the quantities for the sizes of the shirts you want to write names on.
You can click "Next" to skip this step
  • Select a size, add a name, and a number.
  • Click Add Another Teamname to add another name.

Click OK when done. 

The team name and number will be set up on the product as text areas whose properties may be adjusted as per normal text, except that any changes made will apply to all team name products. 

  • If you want to edit the team names and numbers, select a text area and click Edit team names in the panel to display the popup.