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Designer Lab Layout

This is the main view of the designer tool. When you click on Designer Lab or Start designing and proceed to design your product, this is the page where you land. 


The Designer Lab has a few main elements: The Location bar (right), the Product bar (Bottom), and the Design Tools bar (Left). 

Location Bar - The location bar lets you choose what area of the item you want to decorate - Front, Back, and Sleeves. The selected area will display on the main designer tool.

Main Menu - The Main Menu bar contains 7 buttons:

  • Add Text – opens up a panel to let you input whatever text you want to add to your garment.
  • Upload design – opens up a panel where you can upload your own custom image or design.
  • Add Art – opens up a panel where you can choose an image from our library.
  • Add Team Name – This lets you add different names and numbers for adequate sizes, for a team order.
  • Product Color – opens up a panel to allow you to change product colors.
  • Retrieve Designs - this allows you to retrieve previously saved designs.
  • Add notes - opens up a panel to add special artwork instructions.