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Designer Tool Layout

This is the main view of the designer tool. When you click on Design Lab, or Get Started and proceed to design their product, this is the page where you land.


The designer has a few main elements: Main Menu bar, Properties bar (Left), Location bar (Right), and Design Tools bar (Located under the Main Menu Bar, to the left of the garment).

Location Bar

The location bar lets you choose what area of the item you want to decorate - Front, Back, and Sleeves. The selected area will display on the main designer tool.

Main Menu

The Main Menu bar contains 7 buttons:

  • Change Product – by clicking on this, you are able to select a different product to decorate.
  • Add Text – clicking on this will open a text bar to let you input whatever text you want to add to your garment.
  • Add Art – this button opens up a menu where you can choose an image from different sources (Stock Designs, Social media, or Upload an image from your own device).
  • Add Team Name – this lets you add different names and numbers for the adequate sizes, for a team order.
  • Sizes – this button will let you adjust the quantity of the size.
  • Save design – clicking this will allow the customer to save their design (layout) for future use. This will require the customer to be logged in, or create an account if they don’t have one already.
  • Continue/Update – This will allow you to select sizes and quantities and then checkout.
  • Close (X) – this will close the Designer Tool and exit back to the main website.


Properties bar – this menu will usually display options for whatever object is selected (or highlighted). This means that if there is text on the shirt and that text is selected, the Properties bar will display the options related to that text. The same will happen if there is an image selected. If nothing is selected, this bar will display the Product options by default where customers can change the color or sizes of their product.

Design tools

  • Zoom In/Zoom Out – this option zooms in closer on the shirt and lets you see the design better.
  • Select All – clicking this button will select/highlight all the design elements on the garment.
  • Copy and Paste – this option allows you to copy elements of the design, and paste them later for use on a different garment, or multiply the element on the same garment. When selecting Copy, there is an option to copy just the selected design element or copy all.
  • Show/Hide Decoration Area Border– this button toggles on and off the design area. The design area is the available space for decorating the garment. Design elements placed outside of this area will not show on the shirt during the designing process.
  • Layers – when clicking on this button, a menu appears in the Left Menu bar area. This enables you to view all the layers, move layers up or down, and delete layers as well.
  • Undo and Redo – Using this button, you can trace back one step, or move forward one step in the designing process.

Save Money - which gives the customer general tips on how to minimize the cost of their item.