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My order is not correct!

  1. For the person picking up the order we urge you or the person picking up the order on your behalf to check and verify your item thoroughly whether, by design, color, or size, This will save you a trip back to our location and eliminate further issues.
  2. For shipping orders, If for some reason you are missing items, missing quantity, or have received a different item than the one you have ordered, we ask you to check the confirmation email, or your account, to verify the order that you have placed is correct. Feel free to contact us using:
  • Our chat by clicking Chat with us or calling us via the top right side of your screen. 
  • Sending us an email at info@samedaycustom.com. 
  • Or by simply filling and submitting a form on our contact us page. Along with proof of the situation or missing item/ items, or missing quantity. If this is a mistake on our part, we will gladly ship your order again, or ship the missing item or quantity.