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To add Stock Designs or Upload Images to a product in the Designer Tool using the Add Design button

  • Click on the Add Design button in the Designer Toolbar.
  • Browse to and click on the design you want to add in the popup.
  • You can select designs from the following sources:
    • Upload a new design: Click on Upload Image to upload a design from your device. Raster, vector, and embroidery file types are supported in the formats as listed below:
      • Raster - PNG, JPG, JPEG, GIF, TIF
      • Vector - CDR, PDF, EPS, PS, SVG, SVGZ
      • Embroidery - EMB
    • Vector-based graphics will have modifiable elements such as text and colors editable on the fly by users.****CDR requires the CorelDRAW app to be enabled. When a CDR file is uploaded it will be automatically converted to SVG format so that it can be modified in the Online Designer.
    • Your own previously uploaded design designs: These will appear under the Upload Image button if you have uploaded designs before.
    • Instagram: Click on the Instagram button and enter your credentials to access your Instagram pictures.
    • Facebook: Click on the Facebook button and enter your credentials to access your Facebook pictures.
    • Stock Designs: Third-party designs available for use in DecoNetwork.
  • Click Select Design.


Drag and drop

  • Drag a design file from your computer into the decoration area of the product in the Designer. The decoration area will be highlighted when the mouse pointer is within its boundaries.
  • Release the mouse button to drop the design into the decoration area.
  • Tick the I hereby declare I own the rights to print this image checkbox in the popup to verify that you have permission to use the design.
  • Click OK. The design will appear inside the decoration area in its bounding box with editable size dimensions, resize and rotate handles and delete control available.