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To adjust the text in the Designer Tool

Click on the text object you wish to adjust the properties of and the Text Properties panel will appear on the left side of the Designer.

  • Configure the text as required:
    • Text Box: lets you edit the text.
  • The Formatting tab is expanded by default and contains the following controls:
    • Font: change the font via the popup.
    • Font color: change the text color via the color popup.
    • Bold: boldens the text.
    • Italics: italicize the text
    • Left-align: aligns text to the left when it spans multiple lines.
    • Center-align: center-aligns text when it spans multiple lines.
    • Right-align: aligns text to the right when it spans multiple lines
    • Resize Proportionally: when this checkbox is ticked, the text will keep its original proportions when you resize it.
  • The Position tab: Expanding the tab reveals the following controls:
    • Position controls: lets you move the selected text within the decoration area using any of the eight directional arrows.
    • Size controls: lets you increase/decrease the size of the selected text by clicking on the up/down arrows.
    • Rotation controls: lets you turn the selected text around its center axis. You can do this by:
      • Specifying a specific angle at which to rotate the text.
      • Clicking on the left arrow to rotate the text 5 degrees to the left.
      • Clicking on the right arrow to rotate the text 5 degrees to the right.
    • Horizontal Centering controls: Horizontally centers the selected text within the decoration area.
    • Vertical Centering controls: Vertically centers the selected text within the decoration area.
    • Layering controls: lets you change the layer at which the selected text is positioned in relation to other decorations.
  • The Effect Tab: Lets you adjust text Effects
    • Effect: Text Shape: lets you alter the shape of the text. The options indicate the shape that they will apply.