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What Delivery Options do you offer?

There are three types of delivery options available:

  • Same day pick up
  • Car delivery - This car delivery feature is still in beta testing, and it is not available for you to select at checkout. We are working hard to make it available to our customers.
  • Shipping options:
    • Fast and Free Shipping (1-7 business days)
    • Rush Delivery ( 1-5 business days)
    • Super Rush Delivery (1-3 business days)

When you visit our website, our system will try to detect your location and will show you the available delivery option in your area like below. Wherever your location, we always have a way to get your order to you.


How to find delivery options available to you.

  • Click on "Change" on the top right corner of our homepage.
  • If your location has already been detected, the delivery options will be shown immediately. But if no location has been detected, you will be able to provide your location on the modal/popup by entering your zip code, address, or city name.
  • Once your location is entered, we will then show you the delivery options we offer in the location.